You Said of the Competition

"I'm sick of thin, pedestal-mount brackets that crack and slip out of position."

"Lights burn out way too easily. We've had "5-year" lights that lasted a couple of weeks."

"Lights are the weak link on a truck's electrical system."

"It doesn't take long for lights to get rusty and hazed over. Some chemicals that we use here even eat holes into our lights."

"It's a pain to properly dispose of failed lights, especially those containing mercury and lead. If we aren’t compliant, we could get fined."

"If the lens cracks, the entire light is totaled. Such a waste!"

"Lights that are supposed to be waterproof still get water inside."

"I can't believe how many part numbers I have to sort through to try to find the light that I need. Light catalogs are hundreds of pages long. I'm afraid that I'll order the wrong thing."

"Light warranties are a total joke. Nobody honors them."

"I hate wiring and crimping connections."

"I should be able to select the light's power level."

"We've got lights here from China, South Korea, The Netherlands, and Germany. Does anyone on this side of the world know how to make anything anymore?"

"MSHA requires that we replace failed lights. We measure machine downtime in terms of many thousands of dollars per hour. A stupid light can cost us significant uptime and money. If we aren't hauling ore, we're losing money. Big time."

"Sometimes we'd like to use lights with AC power, but I don't want to be the one to guess what kind of power supply to buy. And I don't want to wire it up and figure out how to stick it near the light somewhere."

"LED lights hurt my eyes. They shine too much of a harsh, cold blue color."

“Good lights are way too expensive. Our budget is too tight to invest in better lighting.”

















The Raycore


Thick stainless-steel trunnion (cannon-style) brackets hold position and do not crack.

Ruggedized diode cores, with smart active thermal management, last for years and years. No bulbs. No flimsy plastic housings.

Robust ground-plane circuitry, with over/under voltage protection. Handles electrical jolts and other surprises.

Stainless-steel and aerospace-grade aluminum hardware won't rust. Force-field lens coating resists chemicals and yellowing.

No lead or mercury. Raycore retrieves the reusable housings, so you never have to throw away a light again.

Detachable faces for easy lens replacement. Seals remain intact. The light is as good as new. (You wouldn’t throw your car away because of a cracked windshield, would you? Same concept.)

Double-sealed enclosures rated IP6K9K, featuring three O-rings. Nothing gets inside.

Simple 3-size light lineup, each with a super smooth spot/flood hybrid beam. Detachable faces allow for easy customization. No buyer's remorse.

No-questions-asked replacements for lease customers. No waiting. No fine print. You always have lights that work.

Pre-crimped Deutsch-type counterpart connected to 12" SJOOW cable included with every light. We save you time and hassle.

High and low power modes selectable by provided wiring cable. (X10 model)

Proudly made in the USA.

Our lights work for years, not weeks. Your operation saves thousands, even millions, of dollars by eliminating lighting-related machine downtime.

The X60 can ship with an optional 100-240 VAC/DC ruggedized power supply mounted directly to its back. Everything is pre-wired and ready to go. A simple all-in-one solution.

Comfortable, warm white light color is easy on the eyes. Promotes operator alertness. Reduces eye fatigue.

Don’t buy. Lease! For a low monthly rate, get the lights that you really want today, without breaking your budget. Peace of mind, with predictable lighting-cost certainty. Cancel any time.

The RAYCORE Difference

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